enventure. the Guide (Alpha)


MGMT 633
why would anyone want to be a life science entrepreneur?

Everyone should take this class. It comes around each Spring. It's free. And you can get course credit for it. Great intro to Life Science Entrepreneurship.


startups hire people they know

Small companies hire people they know. Don't expect someone to pick you out of a stack of resumes. Attend networking events and talks so that entrepreneurs know who you are. Startups hire one or two people a year, so make sure they know why they should take a risk on you.


show them what you can do

Be willing to work as an "intern" for a while to prove what you can do. Startups like to hire team members who can step into a project, identify gaps, and take charge.

we suggest applying to these fellowship programs to get experience

Our Enrich Fellowship team projects are hands-on experiences in business strategy. We partner with life science companies to analyze market opportunities, address critical challenges, and form regulatory strategy.

Work with early-stage life science companies as a Fannin Innovation Studio intern and gain practical experience in business development and commercialization.