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practical skills for entrepreneurs

Once a month, Enventure organizes an interactive lecture called Foundations that covers the basics of starting your life science business. The class is taught by local, active life science entrepreneurs and consultants we have worked with and personally recommend. Check out the YouTube archives for previous talks if we're currently in the off-season.


Join the Community
why reinvent the wheel?

In Houston, there's so much opportunity we don't feel the need to compete. Startups here love to help each other out. Check out the Startups directory to talk to startups who have been there and done that.

BioHouston is a great resource to help your startup grow. They're like Enventure, but all grown up. Ann Tanabe and the team can provide educational and networking resources, perform an executive search, give practical advice, and even offer discounted purchasing deals with major vendors.

Find office space among your peers. Working alongside others in your industry can be a priceless resource.


dot your i's and cross your t's

We personally recommend these resources to make sure your corporate docs and IP are a solid foundation for your company.


apply for grants, business plan competitions, and investments

There are many opportunities for grants and funding for early stage startups.