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The ENRICH Fellowship serves students and entrepreneurs in Houston, facilitating short-term research projects at life science companies.

Your company can support a hand-picked team of students to work on solving real-world problems. The students will gain valuable experience working for a healthcare startup. The company will benefit from experienced entrepreneurs overseeing a team of students.

Why support a team of fellows?

  • Educate the next generation of life science entrepreneurs
  • Allow your team to focus on critical tasks
  • The best way to source and screen entry-level hires
  • Great value
  • Support Enventure's mission

As an ENRICH fellow, you will work with other medical center trainees on real-world projects for life science companies. This hands-on experience will help you develop transferable skills and knowledge in the business of science.

Why apply to be a fellow?

  • Hands-on experience at life science companies
  • On-the-job training
  • Get a chance to impress a potential future employer
  • Network with the Enventure community and leadership


Every ENRICH project is unique, but our teams generally consist of 2-4 fellows and an experienced project advisor. Each project engagement lasts approximately six weeks, require teams to reach predetermined milestones, and can encompass multiple aspects of life science business strategy. Below are examples of Enrich project focus areas:

Category Example
Market Research Determine market size
Intellectual Property and Licensing Research patentability
Marketing Strategy Perform stakeholder analysis
Competitive Landscape Analysis Size up the competition
Regulatory Strategy 510k or PMA?
User Surveys Talk to the customers
Our team evaluated the potential early adoption settings for a medical device startup by finding, contacting and meeting with physicians. The team conducted needs assessment, market research, and interviews of key opinion leaders in the Houston area. Our recommendations were presented to the client and helped to focus their business plan and technology development.


  • Kedar Karkare Kedar is a PhD candidate at the University of Houston studying evolutionary genetics. Prior to graduate school, he received his bachelors degree in biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Kedar ran the BYOBrainstorm series in 2016 and is participating is a team leader in Bioventures 2017. He is also a business development intern at Fannin Innovation Studios. email
  • Will Clifton Will earned his biomedical engineering degree from USC, where he joined his first medical startup, commercializing a glucose sensor the size of a human hair. After making Houston his home in 2007, Will received his MD from Baylor College of Medicine. Currently, Will is the Director of Clinical Development for Procyrion, developing a miniature heart assist pump implanted without surgery. Will has consulted for many of Houston's seed-stage startups, including MolecularMatch, NanoLinea, Anaxiom, and Nano3D. email
Enventure's Mission

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Enventure's mission is to empower Houston to become the destination for life science entrepreneurship.